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Alright y’all.  This is where I start getting serious about stuff outside of me.  Outside of my own fun and all the cosplay and anime stuff.  Outside of the roleplay, the reblogs, all of that.

This is real. 

This is a horse that a friend of mine rescued in the greater Houston area.  He’s probably the sweetest, most adorable paint horse on the planet - and he can barely stand due to neglect and starvation, causing Laminitis in all four hooves. 

I went and visited him today - look at the pictures above, and then click the link below.  He’s improved DRASTICALLY in the one month they’ve had him, but he needs help now.  Compare the pictures.

 Long story short, I NEVER post these ‘give money’ things, but there’s only $300 needed to pay for his X-Rays … and that’s only $5 from 60 people.  200 of you follow me, and more follow my friends.  Please, signal boost this and help us out!

I’ll keep you all posted on his progress, too!! ^_^